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Aayudham Movie Review

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Post by !!~ThdrCT~!! on Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:16 pm

Even after a four dozen movies with Suresh Gopi in the lead, their makers still haven't find a way out from casting him in the investigation mode. Here in his latest 'Ayudham' too, he is back to save Kerala and its citizens from the vicious terrorists. The movie as usual, a thriller aspirant, tries to portray nothing -so-new-story even downplaying the usual good supplements of a Suresh Gopi movie. And the result is as expected-another disaster that promptly challenges your intellect.

The story is so ill constructed that it can be written on the back of a bus ticket. The movie opens with a carefully engineered bomb blast that kills many in the slums at Veliyam beach to ignite communal riots. Mahendra Varma (Anil Adithyan), the commissioner is into grabbing every lay man whom he has been on the spot and is forcing them to take the blame of the blasts. He zeroes upon Anwar Abdullah (Bala), the son of the local Mukri (Murali), only due to the reason that he has got some anonymous calls on the said date from some strangers surmised to have been involved in the blast. The chief Minister of the state Madhavan (Thilakan), an aged scrupulous politician call on Rishikesh I PS, D I G Crime Branch, to have a special inquiry , and arrives Suresh Gopi, this time on a stallion to assemble the bits and pieces which lead to the invincible lunatic 'Samy'.

Except for some coincidences like the recent blasts to the official announcement of vizhinjam fishing harbor and the uncanny resemblance of the characters played by Thilakan and Suresh Gopi to some real life personalities, nothing seems to work for 'Ayudham'.

Obviously joined in the lines of the formula movies from the star,'Ayudham' offers just no escape from the mundane sequencing of incidents that can be lined up even by any regular viewer of the star. The script seems derailed to the core with the missing of some connecting sequences, punch lines and the addition of a much banal climax. Some forced scenes like the Dubai episode is totally unwarranted. Except Bala and Thilakan, every other seems to be wasted in undemanding roles.

Suresh Gopi as Rishikesh repeats himself for the umpteenth time in this stereotyped role and acts in the sequences as if he is having a stray walk. He ought to shed a little more flab (a lot actually), as it prevents him from performing his stunt sequences. The only impactful work on the technical front is the good but eardrum cracking background score from Raja Mani and the aptly mixed audiography. Sanjeev Shankar who handles the camera has made visuals that aptly suit an action thriller, but with little support from the script lines he cant make his presence felt.

Director Nishad , in his third outing to films, not only faltered by selecting a hopelessly outdated theme dating back to the stone age but even didn't bother either to give it a contemporary look or to make it appealing. If we have to look for interesting things in this cocktail of several movies, they will be hard to find.

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