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Achappam....~RECIPE ~

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default Achappam....~RECIPE ~

Post by *wlk* on Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:50 am

Achappam or Rose cookie is a sweet and crunchy snack of kerala. It is round and resembles a flower. It is made using achu- a special round mould. The mould is typically made of iron but nowadays it is available in non-stick too. Traditionally , Achappams are made with rice , coconut milk, sugar and eggs. We can substitute the rice with a mixture of rice and maida(All purpose flour) and coconut milk with milk. The ratio of rice powder and maida can be varied ,the more the rice powder the more crunchier it will be. All the ingredients are mixed to form a thick batter that has the consistency of dosa batter. The mould is dipped in the batter and then inserted into the oil. The achappam separates from the mould and it is fried till golden brown. This is a tricky process and it can be done only with practice. It will be much easier with a non-stick mould. The mould should be hot enough so that the batter coats the mould properly. If the mould is not hot the batter will not stick to he mould and they will not separate from the mould when dipped in oil.

Raw rice powder - 1 glass
All purpose flour(Maida) - 1 glass
Sugar(powdered) - 3/4 glass
Coconut milk(thick) - 1 no
Eggs - 2 nos
Oil for frying


1)Beat the eggs well.

2)Mix together eggs, sugar, rice powder, maida and coconut milk well.
The consistency should that of dosa batter.

3)Heat the oil and dip the achappam mould. The mould should be very hot so that the achappams will come out from the mould when you dip it in the oil.

4)Once the mould is hot enough, dip the mould into the batter and fill it till 3/4th of the capacity.

5)Dip it in oil again and after half a minute, shake the mould lightly so that the achappams will come out easily. (If you shake the mould vigourously, the shape will not be maintained and there are chances of the achappams to break.)

6)Once slightly golden brown, turn and cook the other side.

7)Remove from the oil and place them on a tissue paper.

8)At a time, you can make 3-4 achappams or more depending upon the size of the vessel.


:- Mould made of beelmetal is the best to make achappams.

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default Re: Achappam....~RECIPE ~

Post by Ghajini on Sun Aug 17, 2008 4:40 pm

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